Thanksgiving meal 2009

Thaksgiving Day, Canada

Thanksgiving takes place on the second Monday of October

Thanksgiving Day , US.

Thanksgiving takes place on the fourth Thursday of November.

Click on the following links to find out:

—where the first Thanksgiving took place;

— why people celebrated Thanskgiving;

— why they celebrate it now;

—where the Pilgrims came from;

— where the Pilgrims landed;

—what the Mayflower is;

—and more...

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Addams Family Thanksgiving You Tube

The First Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving dinner
A cornucopia
The Mayflower
A traditional meal
A cornucopia


Mashed potatoes
Waldorf Salad
Cranberry stuffing
Sweet potato with pecan nuts
Broccoli with cranberries
Thanksgiving dinner (Wikipedia article)
Thanksgiving meal 2010